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In a game where superstars of each generation set and break new records every year, it gets pretty tough to be the first to do anything, but not impossible. After all, black athletes may dominate the field but the coaching staffs (and the owner’s boxes) of the NFL have always been pretty slim on African American representatives. So when the Indianapolis Colts met up with the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI, the NFL had the chance to fill in a few gaps and did so with style.

FACT: Dungy is the only NFL player since the AFL-NFL merger to intercept a pass and throw an interception in the same game

While the fantasy leaguers were harping over Peyton Manning VS Rex Grossman or that the Colts hadn’t seen the Super Bowl in thirty-six years (damn!) The fact that Colts coach Tony Dungy and Bears coach Lovie Smith became the first two African-Americans to coach in the Super Bowl kinda went under the radar. But when the final whistle sounded, the Colts were now the champions, Manning was now the MVP and a former un-drafted defensive back named Tony Dungy was now the first ever African-American coach to win a Super Bowl.

And even though the NFL has a lot of ground to cover as far as adding a bit more brown to the owners boxes, we’ve got to tip our hat to Tony for still finding and conquering another first.

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