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Rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has pointed out how artists like 50 Cent have spoken highly about the level of success he achieved as a teenager.

From Soulja Boy’s perspective, age is his biggest weapon within the music industry.

“Even 50 told me himself that he wish he could have did it at my age,” Soulja Boy said in a video. “Like, look at his age and look at my age. That’s the advantage that I got over everybody because I’m so young. And that’s what makes n*ggas wanna try me. You feel me? Because I’m a young n*gga but sh*t ain’t going down like that.” (Soulja Boy)

The rapper’s success has also been acclaimed by rap newcomer Drake.

“Soulja Boy is the smartest artist of our generation,” Drizzy said in an interview last summer, “I think period and I think out of anybody. Whoever it is, whether it’s him or his team or the people around him, whoever has the thoughts to do the things he does, is genius and I’m so happy for him.” (YouTube)

Soulja Boy was also praised by rap pioneer Scarface last year.

“I think the Internet is what’s wrong with rap right now,” he explained in an interview. “Because it’s no way to filter garbage. You say some dumb-a** sh*t, and you get a million hits on your Web site…And Soulja Boy is not included…He getting money and he’s my son’s age. I like the way he do it. I think he got the potential to be the next Russell [Simmons]. I’m giving him some big-a** shoes to stand beside but if that kid really focus on finding talent and marketing that sh*t like he is now at f*cking 18, 19-years-old, I ain’t mad at it.” (Vibe)

Last spring, the rapper said he was well-aware of the amount of haters within the industry.

“You always gonna face different chapters that you go through in life, period, with whatever you’re doing,” he explained in an interview. “Haters come with every job and whatever you’re doing in life, so you just got to do what you do. I just outshined all my haters. I done had beef with a lot of different artists, I done had a lot of artists done had different opinions about my music but at the end of the day though, it’s gonna take a whole lot to stop me. I done ended a lot of n*ggas’ careers, you feel me? And before I get out the game, I’ma cause hell.” (Rolling Out TV)