The Beat DFW Daily Video

We got a rising label about to tear up the Levine’s Street Heat stage at the 979 Beat and Ford present the Monster Energy Dub Carshow and Concert going down May 1st at the Convention Center .

Get your tickets NOW at all Levine’s Locations in the DFW !! They are only $17 !!

Check out the 1st Lady of Silverback Records, Dymond Scarlett and try to focus on her voice and not her booty, don’t worry when ya watch the video you see what I mean, BOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

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You can holla at Dymond on

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Now Check out Dixon Circle Representaaaa, Young Byrd,

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You can get at Young Byrd on


And if you a rapper, singer or dancer you can hook up with Silverback records

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Want to perform at the 979 Beat and Ford Presents the Dub Magazine Monster Energy Carshow and Concert on the Levine’s Street Heat stage???

Call 972-331-5570 and leave you name and number, remember to speak clearly and we will call you back !