Yesterday Charlie Sheen took the stage for his first sold out show in Detroit. There were LOTS of Charlie Sheen supporters but they just weren’t feeling him! Initially the crowd cheered for him but too much rambling and not enough entertainment disappointing the crowd until they finally left early! Here’s a video of some people being interviewed after the show.

Here’s a snippet of the actual show and you can hear the people booing. (smh) That doesn’t sound like WINNING to me. Maybe Charlie Sheen should take a break and get himself together… #imjustsaying

According to Charlie Sheen said the show will go on and here’s his quote, “one group of unruly people who started booing, and it became a mob-mentality situation.”

One source groused, “They wouldn’t even let him finish a story,” adding, “It wasn’t all bad and we’re looking forward to Chicago.”

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