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*Ne Yo is still optimistic about music and his future despite the ridiculously low sales from his latest album, “Libra Scale.” His first three releases reached platinum status without an issue, but this most recent effort didn’t even catch notice.

“It’s just that I didn’t get to pay as much attention to the music as I normally would because I was so focused on the story line that the album is based off of,” said Ne-Yo, who co-directed the video clips with Wayne Isham. “There was so much energy put into that, that when it came time to put the music together, you know, for one there wasn’t as much time and for two there wasn’t as much energy.”

“‘Libra Scale’ was my opportunity to do some things I’ve never done before,” he said. “There are so many firsts (and) I think that had a lot to do with why the album came out the way it did, and I’m not in any way saying that I think the album is bad. I don’t think the album’s bad at all, I think it’s a pretty solid album.”

But he’s dealing with the lack of success well, especially since his first big movie production hit no. 1.

The sci-fi hit film, “Battle: Los Angeles” reached $35.6 million last weekend, taking home the top spot. During the filming of the movie, he was also working on “Libra Scale.” Despite it all, it was simply a pleasure for him to work on the movie.

“The cool thing about a lot of the actors is that everybody kind of wanted to do their own stunts,” said Ne-Yo, who plays Cpl. Kevin Harris in the movie. “Everybody wanted to get in there and get their hands dirty to a fault. I did my own stunts, and I’ve got the bruises and slipped disc to prove it.”