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Superstar rapper Eminem is giving back to the City of Detroit through a clothing partnership with Chrysler.

The auto giant is cashing in on the success of Eminem’s two-minute Super Bowl XLV commercial “Born of Fire,” which is the longest Super Bowl commercial ever aired.

Chrysler’s T-shirt line featuring “Imported from Detroit” emblazoned across the chest has been selling out consistently on the website since the commercial aired.

Chrysler has announced that a portion of the proceeds from the T-shirts will benefit several community oriented organizations, including Eminem’s Marshall Mathers Foundation.

In addition to Em’s charity, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Michigan, Habitat for Humanity Detroit and Think Detroit PAL.

“We are very happy to partner with the Chrysler brand in supporting the local communities,” Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager, told in a statement.

“The Chrysler brand and The Marshall Mathers Foundation share a parallel commitment to give back to the City of Detroit,” added Rosenberg, who also serves as President of Shady Records and Director of The Marshall Mathers Foundation.

Chrysler is planning on releasing several new limited edition designs of the T-shirt throughout the year, through the official Chrysler website.

The “Imported from Detroit” T-shirt are available in all sizes for adults and children and come in several different color ways.

The website is also selling bumper stickers with the slogan as well.

“We hope that by partnering with these charitable organizations people will be encouraged to wear their ‘Imported from Detroit’ merchandise proudly knowing that a portion of the proceeds will go to programs and initiatives that contribute to the fundamental development of the children of Detroit and the communities in which they reside,” said Olivier Francois, President and CEO, Chrysler Brand and Lead Executive for Marketing, Chrysler Group LLC.