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You go to sleep one day and wake up to find that Tony Dungyhas morphed from a Super Bowl winning coach to the voice and conscience of the NFL.

It was Dungy who helped pave the way for the return of Michael Vick in Philadelphia. And it seems when there is an issue in the league that everyone turns to him.

For a soft-spoken guy, the respect that everyone has for the former Colts’ coach gives him a booming voice whether he is talking about controversial subjects like player felonies or helping outJeff Fisher in the “Peyton Manning Jerseygate.”

Yesterday he was on the Dan Patrick radio show advocating that the Tennessee Titans say yes on a new QB.

“I would really try Vince Young right now,” said Dungy who thinks that might spark the winless team. (Photo by Jim Rogash, Getty Images)

Dungy certainly knows good quarterbacking having had future Hall of Famer Manning in his team meetings.

So that brings us to the question of whether it is time to see more of Vince Young and Michael Vick.

Eagles fans envisioned some cool things happening with Vick’s talent and Young was once the bright future in Tennessee.

Young has thrown five passes with no completions this season. He has rushed for five yards. Vick is 1-for-5 passing with 13 rushing yards.

If Philadelphia’s Andy Reid had any thoughts of utilizing more of Vick this might be the time. The next three games are with Washington, New York and Dallas. If you can’t have trickeration with conference foes when can you?

Jeff Fisher’s decision in Tennessee is much easier. The Titans are running on two flat tires and a decision has to be made about Young’s future. You can’t do worse than no wins. You have a bye week to ease Young back and then a home game against Jacksonville.


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