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The philosophical masterwork of KRS ONE, The Gospel of Hip Hop: First Instrument is set in the format of a self-help book.  The 800-plus-page opus is a spiritual manual for citizens of Hip Hop Kulture that combines classic philosophy with faith and practical knowledge for a fascinating, in-depth exploration of Hip Hop as a life path.  Known as “the Teacha,” KRS-One developed his unique outlook as a homeless teen in Bronx, NY engaging his philosophy of self-creation to become one of the most respected emcees in Hip Hop history.  As Hip Hop’s true steward, KRS ONE painstakingly details the development of the culture and the ways in which we, as “Hiphoppas,” can and should preserve its future.

The Teacha also discusses the origination of Hip Hop Kulture and relays specific instances in history wherein one can discover the same spirit and ideas that are at the core of Hip Hop’s current manifestation.  He explains Hip Hop down to the actual meaning and liguistic history of the words “hip” and “hop,” and describes the ways in which Hiphoppas can change their current circumstance to create a future that incorporates Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth (H-LAW).

Committed to fervently promoting self-reliance, dedicated study, peace, unity and truth, the Teacha has drawn both criticism and worship from within and from outside Hip Hop Kulture.  In this beautifully written, inspiring book, KRS ONE shines the light of truth, grounded in his own empirical research over a a 14-year period into the fascinating world of Hip Hop.