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It looks as if Shyne is heading back to his native Belize – and not by choice.

The rapper, a New Yorker since age 13, said that he expects to be shipped soon to the tiny Central American country, where he was born and lived until moving to Brooklyn and living with his mother and grandmother, who still live in the United States.

“Shyne is one of the strongest people I know and he’s handling this situation just as I’d expect him to. It must be frustrating for all of his friends and family. “He served his time, and keeps getting all these different dates and conflicting information. But he’s a soldier, he’s dealing with it.”

Shyne, who legally changed his name to Moses Leviy in honor of his Jewish grandmother, was recently freed from prison after serving nearly 10 years for assault and weapons charges.

Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree is working on Shyne’s behalf with his legal team and they seek a pardon through New York Governor David Patterson. Paterson’s first gubernatorial pardon was for rapper Ricky “Slick Rick” Walters, who was convicted in 1991 on attempted murder.