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DALLAS – The Dallas Police Department has released dash cam video of an officer allegedly using unnecessary force against a handcuffed suspect.

Officer Quaitemes Williams has worked out of the Northeast Operations Division since 2008. But Chief David Brown said he was put on desk duty following an incident that happened about three weeks ago.

Brown said Williams stopped a suspect in the 9400 block of Abrams Road and noticed his license plate didn’t match the description of his vehicle. He determined the suspect, Rodarick Lyles, was driving with a suspended license and had warrants out for his arrest.

DPD Officer Charged for Kicking Suspect:

Williams and two other officers tried to arrest Lyles, but he resisted. There was a struggle and the suspect ended up falling on the officer, Brown said.

Chief Brown said dash cam video shows Williams hit the suspect with his fists and flashlight to try to get him off of him.

The other officers stunned and then handcuffed Lyles. Williams, who was described as “extremely angry” and “out of control,” proceeded to kick him in the head and spray him with pepper spray after he had already been restrained, the chief said.

A veteran officer who witnessed what happened immediately reported the incident.

Williams was fired and arrested Wednesday afternoon on charges of official oppression.

“Officer Williams could not disingage from the physical altercation. He was hurt from the fall. He became angry. After Mr. Lyles was handcuffed, they described him as out of control. Our training won’t overcome a person that becomes out of countrol just because someone fell on you and caused you pain. We are in physical confrontations all the time when dealing with suspects. And some of the times we’re in pain. And we’re in sometimes extreme pain. The response can’t be when the suspect is defenseless and handcuffed to kick a person in the head or even to Mace a person in response to your physical pain. We have to be more professional, more disciplined than that,” Chief Brown said.

Last year, three rookie officers were also fired and arrested after dash cam video captured the beating of a suspect on a motorcycle.

The case prompted DPD to begin pairing rookie officers with veterans and to create a new unit that will monitor dash cam video from cars of certain officers.

Brown believes this recent case is an example of how those new policies are working.

DPD Officer Charged for Kicking Suspect:

“With this action today, we stand firm in our belief that the integrity of the Dallas Police Department stands above the actions of a single officer, or a group or association. We also ask the public to view our actions as proof that we can and will police ourselves,” he said.