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Tionna Smalls of VH1’s The Chilli Project was at the event where TLC performed. Apparently, Ciara showed up acting pompous. Tionna didn’t let it slide and sent us this letter last night: One thing for sure, two things for certain….Tionna Smalls hates a b*tch who acts brand new and this is real talk. First off when I first saw her I said that Ciara was a pretty girl so please do not take this as hate or anything like that.

First off, when TLC walked on the red carpet, Ciara was on there talking. Everyone that knows anything about the red carpet knows that when you see another artist walk in, you slide over and give acknowledgment. You say hello or whatever. Ciara did not…… say hello and pretended as if she didn’t see them. That is cool. So after they went over and did their thing, we left to proceed into our dressing room. As soon as we hit our dressing room, Ciara and her friend was in our dressing room. I was confused so I said, “are we sharing dressing rooms?” Chilli told me no.

Mind you this b*tch to them, so why are u in their dressing room. I was in the dressing room singing, “It’s nothing going on but the rent.” She was staring me up and down and asked me, “what are you singing? There is nothing going on but the ritz?” sarcastically. First off b*tch you call yourself a singer, you should know that song. Secondly why are u questioning me? “Maybe you don’t have to worry about the rent but I do.” I was done after that.

Anyway, Ciara was then asked nicely to say hi to the cameras for our show and she told them, “Ugotta talk to her manager!” Excuse me b*tch? It wasn’t what she said it’s how she said it….She was making a dance with it and trying to go into melody. Remind u every other celeb was saying what’s up. Who the f*ck are u to decline but it was whatever. She then went on to say it again, “u gotta talk to my manager.” Finally someone told her that it wasn’t that serious….Then she asked what were we taping? B*tch you heard them say a reality show while they were on the red carpet….So she and her friend was embarrassed and left and I started laughing at her.

*itch, no matter how big you think you are and no matter how much you hang with the ho-dashians, you are a nobody. You pay homage. You don’t act brand new. I liked you before but now you are cut off b*tch. You don’t walk around thinking you are the bomb. F*ck outta here. Walking in dressing rooms then watching the show after….trying to weed out the competition. Then get on stage and perform and your bum @ss can’t sing. Sorry I had to take it there…..but I had to. Write what you want, this is the truth…..

Oh and she didn’t even speak to a woman who got her her first magazine cover on hype hair magazine. First she acted brand new to Jazzy Pha and now this. Damn.

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