The Beat DFW Daily Video

Kanye West, who has made very little appearances since releasing his new album, stopped by George Condo’s exhibit “Mental States” to show a little support for the creative genius behind the artwork for his album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” Kanye West was on hand for an interview between NY Mag’s Jamie Mills and George Condo as they spoke about the album artwork but refuse to say much of anything.

Interview went like this:

Are you happy with the paintings George did of you?

[Kanye nods head yes.]

You are happy?

[Nods head.]

Would you make any changes if you were to do a self-portrait?

[Shakes head no.]

Are you mute tonight?

[Nods head.]

Do you want to do sign language?

[Nods head. Pretends to sign, then shakes our hand and walks away.]

LMAO thats why Kanye is one of my favortie celebs he is always doing something to have us talking…but he backs it up with his talent as well. His current album is now platinum and he will be releasing the collab album with JayZ and another solo album this year!! #Teamyeezy