Believe it or not IM GOIN TO THE SUPERBOWL…. well i’m tryin to go but i have to but a ticket and these prices aint no joke…I ran up on this article on dallas news….

This is the first of many updates over the next week and a half from online ticket brokers.

Stubhub weighed in today, noting that their site has more than 1,800 tickets listed on, starting at around $2,500. Face value, of course, ranges from $600-$1,200. There are even some party plaza tickets on the site starting at $300. (They are $200 face.

StubHub buyers have paid an average of $3,711 per ticket with a range of $1,800-$15,002 for club seats at the Steelers 50-yard-line. Over the last 24 hours, fans have paid an average of $3,102 per ticket.

A Ring of Honor Suite that includes 15 tickets and food went for $73,163 to someone in Texas — before the conference championship games.

Stub Hub says fans began buying Super Bowl tickets as early as last summer, but total gross sales have more than doubled since the championship games.

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