Now that rapper Lil Wayne will soon be facing jail time, he is now trying to sell his million-dollar Miami condominium. The four-bedroom, South Beach condominium will be sold for the amount of $2.8 million.

In a recent interview with London’s Tim Westwood, Lil Wayne denied allegations from the New York Post that claimed he was having problems selling the condo because it smelled like marijuana.

“We’re not having trouble selling it, but all the other stuff is true,” Lil Wayne told Westwood. “The people that are coming to look at it like that more about it. That’s like coming into Bob Marley’s crib and you still smelling weed and his bed still messed up. They’re like ‘leave all that shit. I want to buy all that.’ I’m one of those niggas right now.”

In other Lil Wayne news, Wayne may soon have to pay up for his Tha Carter III song “Mrs. Officer” due to a recent lawsuit.

According to, producer Darius “Deezle” Harrison claims to own the rights to the song’s composition. Harrison is demanding $2.5 million from Lil Wayne in unpaid royalties.

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