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When it comes to hitting on women, most guys consider themselves professionals. As a result, most of us are used to sitting back and waiting for a guy to come over and try his luck. The only problem is that we’re allowing someone else to decide who we do and don’t connect with.

Well, ladies, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Here’s how to make the first move and get the reaction you want:

Approach alone. This isn’t a “me and my friends are going to go to the bathroom together” type of occasion. If you bring friends along, a guy will get confused about who wants him: Is it you, or the girl standing next to you? Making the initial approach alone also shows confidence and independence, which any guy will tell you are the two hottest accessories any girl can show off.

Insult him. This is a trick that guys use when they try to make a pass at girls who are out of their league. Surprise! It works on guys too! Don’t say anything too mean, but feel free to tease him about something he’s wearing, drinking, buying or saying. Just make sure to give him a wink and/or a flirty smile as you’re doing it.

Buy him a drink. If you’re at a bar, ask him what he’s drinking, and then order him one. Guys buy girls drink all the time, so they welcome the chance to be treated for once. Plus, it shows you’re not another “typical girl” who just expects the guy to pay all the time.

Walk away. Once you’ve made your initial attack it’s important to retreat back. You’ve boosted his confidence by hitting on him, but you also have to let him know he’s has to work for it—you’re not just going to follow him around all night. You’ve given him the green light. If he wants you, he’ll find you. READ THE REST HERE!

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