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Doing it in the backseat of a car is a championship level event that can sometimes take place randomly and at the spur of the moment. If you are thinking long range and are shopping for a car, perhaps you may want to get a one that not only has great gas mileage but also a spacious backseat so you can do “The pants off dance off” .

–The Mercedes-Benz E-Class was voted the best . . . we’re guessing because it’s a well-made luxury car with a large backseat . . . and the rest of the list is a mix of nostalgia, money and space.

#1.) Mercedes-Benz E-Class

#2.) Volkswagen Beetle

#3.) Ferrari 458 Italia

#4.) Mini Cooper

#5.) Volvo V70 station wagon

#6.) Volkswagen Golf GTI

#7.) Alfa Romeo Spider

#8.) Rolls-Royce Ghost

#9.) Aston Martin Vanquish

#10.) Land Rover Discovery


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