First of all, this is all fun and games… so don’t get offended and don’t take this seriously. But we wanna know what rapper/actor/singer is gonna get locked up next? I’m thinking DRAKE or DIDDY lol cast your vote below! Yo Gotti takes the lead because he’s already got a warrant out for his arrest!

1. P Diddy. Why? Because apparently he’s involved with some dirty money

2. Wiz Khalifa. Why? Do I really need to explain…

3. Yo Gotti. Why? He’s got a warrant out for his arrest. It’s looking like attempted murder

4. Drake. Why? Somethings just bound to go wrong…

5. Rick Ross. Why? You know honestly, he’ll probably get brought up on tax evasion charges…RAWSE!

6. Trey Songz. Why? You can’t keep kissing 15 year old girls, nephew! That’s ILL-EGAL

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