Family #3 – Single Parent/unable to work
Child #1
Age 5
Shirt Size 6
Pant Size 7
Shoe/Sock Size 11
Coat Size 8
Underwear 4
Bra Size .
Hat Size S
Glove Size S
Need uniforms/khaki pants, white shirts
Want dishes, dolls, musical instrument
Child #2
Age 3
Shirt Size 4
Pant Size 5
Shoe/Sock Size 10
Coat Size 7
Underwear 3T
Bra Size .
Hat Size S
Glove Size S
Need shirts and coat
Want Cars, Spiderman
Child #3
Age 1
Shirt Size 2T
Pant Size 2T
Shoe/Sock Size 6
Coat Size 3T-4T
Underwear 2T
Bra Size .
Hat Size Xs
Glove Size Xs
Need underwear, pull-ups, clothes, coat
Want Dolls, Elmo
Family – furniture for children, booster seats for children
under 48 inches(2)

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