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Apparently, Mr. Mane was fighting with someone when police finally got to him. Gucci had driven extra crazy to this empty parking lot of a business–wrong side of the road, running stop lights, etc. So in order to break up the fight, the police had to mase him.

The 30-year-old rapper violated several traffic laws before parking at a business along the road, Davenport said. When police arrived at the business, Davis was arguing with someone, Davenport said. He said officers told the two to back away from each other, but Davis assaulted the other person. An officer then pepper sprayed the rapper, Davenport said.

Tragic. Gucci’s reportedly still in lock up at the Fulton County Jail being held on a $2500 bond.

This was reported yesterday:

Gucci Mane’s Just months after getting out of jail, and barely 1 month after he was forced into rehab after an intervention from his friends and fam, Gucci Mane was arrested again ….

Gucci was reportedly arrested today after a long list of foolish activities. According to the Atlanta Police Department rep, Gucci has been charged with driving on the wrong side of the road, running a red light or stop sign, damage to government property, obstruction, no license, no proof of insurance and other traffic charges.

The police had to use pepper spray to subdue Gucci, and then he was sent to Grady Memorial Hospital. He will be transferred soon back to Fulton County Jail.

According to Access Atlanta, records show he has been in the Fulton County Jail at least five times since 2005 on drug, aggravated assault or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges.