Sean Diddy Combs might not be fan favorite no more. At least amongst the members of the studio audience at a recent taping of BET’s “106 & Park” show.

According to the NY Post, and confirmed by BET publicist, Marcy Polanco, Combs put the show’s studio audience on lockdown when he lost his diamond ring during an appearance.

According to the report, Diddy joined his Dirty Money bandmates, Dawn Richard and Kalenna, for the “106 & Park” chart show this past Tuesday, but things didn’t go right from the jump when his $20,000 ring accidentally flew into the crowd as he “made it rain” by throwing cash into the air while making his entrance.

Since the show was live, he continued filming until the cameras stopped rolling, when he then ordered the building be shut down and no one let out until they had been searched, reports the Post.

Needless to say, that didn’t go over too well with the audience. Some of them took to Twitter to express their anger at their treatment.

One fan posted, “Ok diddy lost his ring … and now there (sic) frisking all the kids like this is rikers (Rikers Island, New York prison).”

Another wrote, “When it was over, diddy held us hostage lookin (sic) for his ring. don’t like him no more!”

When the dust cleared, the expensive piece of jewelry was not found and Combs also headed online to air his grievances. Without mentioning the incident itself, he wrote:

“The craziest s**t just happened to me … I guess it’s s**ting on me season … Enjoy it while it lasts! life is crazy!”

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