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Is it just me or does it seem like Swizz is having a lot of financial setbacks since he became Mr. Keys? First it was rumored that it owed the IRS some big money, now him and Cassidy are being sued for 1.5 Million dollas by Antawnn Frost who co-produced my “My Drink N My 2 Step.”

Frost, who claims he has been cheated out of royalties, filed a lawsuit on October 18. The producer says he helped create the drums and the over rhythm and was given proper credit in the liner notes. According to TMZ , Swizz offered Frost $5,000 and 5% ownership of the song. Frost however, feels he should be an equal partner in the songs ownership.

Ok i’m not trying to be funny but that song came out like 7 years ago and Frost is just now saying something about his money? Something doesn’t sound right about this, but I will keep you updated.