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Most of us have thought about experimenting in the bedroom before. Getting kinky doesn’t mean that you have to bring out the whips and chains. There’s ways to spice up your bedroom with some non-intimidating props and toys and here’s how you can do it!

1. Blindfolds

You can buy a simple satin blindfold from a store that resembles an eye mask or even using a scarf or tie can do the trick if it’s more impromptu. Either way adding a blindfold to an oral sex routine can heighten a person’s touch senses because their eyesight sense is being cut off.

2. Restraints

We’re not talking about police handcuffs here. There’s light cloth cuffs that can be used to tie someone up that aren’t scary looking at all. You can even go for a fuzzy lined leather cuff if you’re feeling extra naughty. Cuffs also come in all kinds of styles, pink, animal print, red, etc. We just don’t recommend the police handcuffs because a) they’re really hard on the wrists and can cause damage to the skin and b) you might lose the key!

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3. Riding Crops

If you want to go for a whip or a flogger that’s fine by us! But if that sounds a little scary try a small riding crop for some spanking action. There’s all types, some have cute hearts or roses on the end and then there’s more traditional black ones as well.

4. Dirty Talk

If you’re new to talking dirty in the bedroom, now might be the time you want to experiment with some naughty words and phrases in the bedroom. If you’ve already been talking dirty you might want to try using a toy like the Club Vibe to add some vibration to your pillow talk.

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